What The Strategy Man’s clients have to say:

‘…Deri was motivational, inspirational, thought provoking…

acca-logo“The presentation yesterday evening was excellent. For me it was time well spent; Deri was motivational, inspirational, thought provoking, engaging and best of all the message was clear and simple. Thank you for arranging this excellent presentation and the person who invited the speaker should be congratulated. Well done to all the ACCA team for giving us the opportunity to look at change in a creative and stimulating way.”
ACCA London


‘…content and presentation was very powerful…’

vistage-logo“Great speaker. The overall message, content and presentation was very powerful and made relevant to each member. Will definitely be able to use this within the business very quickly.”
Vistage Nottingham


Deri is a very impressive entrepreneur…’

aceflogowhite“Deri is a very impressive entrepreneur, strategic consultant, speaker and author. I invited Deri to be a guest on my radio show www.bemoreachievemore.com and he provided great wisdom around his exceptional strategy on a page model.”
Voice America


‘Deri has made a real, lasting difference to our business.’

“Deri has made a real, lasting difference to our business. He has worked with our board to provide strategic insight and powerful management tools to help the board stay on track and focused on the “real” tasks that add value and deliver results.”
Direct Response


‘Thank you – you have inspired a new generation…’

“Thank you all for being such a dynamic and inspiring panel.
I have just processed the evaluations and you all scored a 9/10 and the event as a whole scored a 9/10. We had some wonderful quotes from our Harrow delegate! The idea that you can start up a business in your bedroom with £300 was quoted by a few of them and then passion, enthusiasm and liking what you do struck them all. One young man found it ‘eye opening and very interesting to get a new insight into the prospect of being an entrepreneur.’
Thank you – you have inspired a new generation and it was so kind of you all to make them feel so welcome. We are so grateful to you all for making the event such a success.”
Jacqui Main
EO-UK event EO24 –To Hell with the Recession


‘I have no hesitation in recommending Deri…’


“Deri’s unique ‘Strategy on a page’ workshop was extremely well received by all who appreciated its clarity, simplicity and focus. Deri was invited back for the group’s summer retreat to present his ‘Powerful Strategic Planning’ workshop which was again scored very highly with the attendees. 
I have no hesitation in recommending Deri if you wish to keep Strategy simple but effective and also incorporate accountability.” Peter J Lynagh, Academy of Chief Executives


Deri – The Strategy Man

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